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hangout of writer, Jon Gibbs

   I developed this resource page as part of my Fun with Fiction  
   program for elementary and middle grade schools.
   Some of the sites listed contain helpful tips and advice for young
   writers, others, like the magazine, Stone Soup, offer cash payment
   for stories and illustrations by young writers.

   IMPORTANT: Before submitting any work, please make
   sure you understand what (if any) payment to expect, and
   in particular, what (if any) rights you’ll be giving up should
   your work be accepted.

   If you know of any reputable print or online publications which
   actively encourage submissions from writers aged 16 or younger,
   please let me know (
jon@acatofninetales.com), and I'll add them
   to the list.


   There's a wealth of terrific information about writing to be 
   found on the internet. Succesful writers, agents and editors
   share their knowledge and experience online, for free. 

   Every Friday, I post links to some of my favorites from the
   previous week. 

   Click here for my pick of 2016



     A free to join, free to use network of writers and authors
                 based in (or near) the Garden State.

     Members work together (via the network's
YAHOO group)
        to put on multi-author panel/Q&As and book signings
                               throughout New Jersey. 

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Writing is by nature a solitary business, but that doesn’t
mean we have to do it alone.

If you're looking for a writing group or you'd like to promote
one. If you want to start up something new or just want to
connect with other writers online, this is the place for you.

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                                   THE BLOOD-RED PENCIL
                   Sharp and pointed observations about good writing.

                                An excellent blog for writers and editors. 

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